On-site Interpretation Services

High quality simultaneous, consecutive, whispering and escort interpretation services for conferences, meetings, seminars and trade shows.

Simultaneous Interpretation System rental

With our experienced project managers and well trained technicians, we provide conference interpretation services for all kinds of meetings. Interpretation equipment rental for each meeting is assigned to a specialty event manager within GBUITS who acts as an extension of your event planning team.

Translation of Documents

We can also place translators at the disposal of clients to translate their routine documents, annual reports, pre-conference materials like reports, presentations, brochures, manuals and post-meeting documents such as minutes or summary records.

Onsite Coordinating and Event Planning

We can plan and organize an event from step 1 to finish and all you will have to do is to sit back and be satisfied with a completely successful event.

Proofreading Translated or Written Texts

Proofreading entails reading and correcting texts to ensure correct grammar, syntax, spelling, accuracy, consistency, punctuation and style. The text may or may not be a translation. A proofreader checks for mistranslations by comparing the original document with the translated text to ensure that the translated message is complete and accurate.

Assistive listening

This is for hearing-impaired audience members. We draw closer to any client or conference member who may be hard of hearing and we make sure we help communicate the message.

Clients' Comments

The translation I requested was particularly difficult and long, but the job was completed in advance of schedule and handled very professionally. GBUITS exceeded our expectation on speed and quality

Carole L., OJ

GBUITS goes beyond and above providing interpreters and interpretation equipment for us. They manage every aspect of the interpretation process, and they have had no problem adapting to any of our demands in terms of size

Ruby N., NGO

With GBUITS, "quality" is not just a word, but the end result of a well-planned and executed job.

Calvin B., Law Firm

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